365 Project 2014 – Day 1

365 Project 2014 – Day 1

A couple of years ago I attempted a 365 project to document my daily accounts of The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet. It turned into much more than a photo diary. It became an outlet for my writing and sharing of ALL activities, not just sustainable living related activities. Unfortunately I did not complete the project because of outside interference. With a New Year comes new opportunities, new challenges, and a new start. 2013 ended with a bang for our family, changing environments, starting new projects, and taking a whole new direction with our family… it only made sense to kick off a new 365 project.

There may only be one photo or several photos since I’m a photog junkie and love to take pictures. It will be a mix of everything applicable to The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet, from sustainable living to just life in general. I’m a work at home mom with a tiny family and a tiny homestead in the making and the 365 project will be a great way for me to share daily when a full in depth blog post isn’t feasible.

Thank you all for your support and allowing me into your lives. Welcome to The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet’s 365 Project 2014!

Getting Ready to Dig for Dinosaurs – My paleontologist son is getting ready to dig into one of his Christmas presents, a sample dinosaur dig. These are perfect learning presents that help get the whole family involved.
365 Project 2014 - Day 1

Taking Time to Explore – my ol’ girl giving her senses a kick. So much new land to explore on her new homestead. She’s loving life. We only wish our ol’ boy could have made it long enough to explore like she is. We miss you Bubbas but know this ol’ girl is getting it in for the both of you!
365 Project 2014 - Day 1


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