Daily Rants – Digging for Worms

Daily Rants – Digging for Worms

I love this weather. I’d much rather be cold than hot; is that weird? The mornings have been extra icy and that has made getting going a bit more challenging. Once I’m bundled up and I get moving I’m good to go. Unfortunately this whole week has been off for me and I’ve been completely A.D.D. about everything. I’ve started so many projects and finished nothing.

Daily Rants - Digging for Worms

I gave in yesterday to the lack of direction the week provided and did what I could to salvage how we spent our time. Today the kiddo and I made grahams, he helped with the laundry, and we made clay hippos! He made the neck, head, and helped with the legs… I cleaned everything up and gave it a little detail. He’s now drying… not bad I’d say!

Daily Rants - Digging for Worms

The yard is extremely saturated so I’ve been working hard to spread rock in strategic areas to create pathways; pressing a single layer of the decorative rock into the saturated mud. I’m also moving other mason blocks to line the path and open up the main ground space for grow boxes. The kiddo and I dug for worms, moved rock, pulled weeds, and watched small planes fly low over head. It was cold but the sky was bright again and I soaked up every minute I could… like I said, I love this weather!

Daily Rants - Digging for Worms

It’s Friday and I’m just happy to have the hubs home and the kiddo’s happy daddy’s home.

Good night sun… looking forward to tomorrow…

Daily Rants - Digging for Worms

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